Architect – Italian born in  Patagonia Argentina 1976
Laura Pulgini CV. pdf

Growing up in Patagonia opened my vision to spaces and objects  where air, light, layers, textures and lines generate the beauty of purity, strength and simplicity.

With the interpretative reading of classical music scores on the piano from an early age, I developed an interest in simple thought-space processes, which lead to complex compositions as well as the ability to breakdown the complexity of projects in simple parallel lines.

After training as an architect, I continued to develop personally and professionally living in cities in Asia, Europe and the Americas (Paris, Berlin, Köln, Oregon, Washington, USA, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Barcelona) where I collaborated with professionals on projects ranging from object design to city planning. Being part of this broad cultural spectrum where the results of creative processes are so diverse, generated the need in me to find answers for creation in the information embodied in the vernacular of each place and their equivalents in the world.

The results are projects that beyond their scale embody a social-cultural-contextual and aesthetic approach making the work take root in its place and user, to perpetuate a harmonic relationship over time.